Electric Vehicle Drivers To Be Part Of Trials In Milton Keynes

Those who live in Milton Keynes and own Electric Vehicle (EV) are given a chance to apply to domestic smart charges trial as well as home battery storage and vehicle to grid (V2G) chargers. Moreover, those who apply are given the privilege of keeping the equipment after the project has ended.

Several charging technologies will be put on trial using the battery energy management platform and CrowdCharger’s digital charger. All this will be accomplished during the Domestic Energy Balancing EV Charging project. The main aim of carrying out this project is to make sure that electricity networks have less demand. Furthermore, the final results are expected to be released to the energy market in the UK in the next 2 – 3 years.

With the help of CrowdCharge and Flexitricity, which is the energy demand response partner, the project is aimed at looking for new ways to sufficiently charge electric vehicles at home.

Milton Keynes Councilor Martin Gowans stated that this project was one of the four pioneering trials that will be used to develop the technology needed for charging electric vehicles. Furthermore, Martin Gowans, who is also a cabinet member for planning and transport, also added that Milton Keynes would be the one to lead in the project.

The project will be conducted as part of the Go Ultra Law Programme, which is aimed at testing and advancing new technologies. The trials will last until December 2021. After that, the final results will be published in the following year in 2022.

Those who participate in the trials will be given a small reward of £10 per month, for even minimum participation, such as marking their EV charged for at least ten times every month until the 12 –month trial period is over.

Moreover, participants will be given the privilege of keeping the technologies once the trial has ended. However, you will be required to pay a transfer fee of £250 for the stationary battery storage device, £100 for ownership of the smart charger and £250 for V2G Charger.

This project will help the electricity industry as well as the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in managing the high demand caused by charging and maintaining electric vehicles.

CrowdCharge chief executive officer Mike Potter stated that “it is our passion to introduce to the world EV’s that rely on renewable energy and are part of the electricity system.”

“Milton Keynes will continue leading in the adoption of charging technologies, and as a brand, we are glad of being part of this project of creating a carbon-free living environment.”

After an evaluation of these charging technologies, the final results will be published when the trials are completed.